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    Community Chat Thread

    Hey guys :) how’s it going?
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    Last listened to?

    Beyoncé - Naughty Girl
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    What's your relationship status ?

    Have you set a date yet?
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    Current mood?

    Glad everyone is doing ok :)!
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    Horrible cloudy, raining and overcast here today.
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    70/80/90s or Today's music?

    For me I’d have to say 80’s or today’s music!
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    Movie Recommendations.

    21 jump street was good but 22 jump street not so much!
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    Community Chat Thread

    Hey everyone :) how’s it going?
  9. digital

    Forum Software

    For me personally, it lacked proper support, it was rarely updated, it was hard to customise and wasn’t very user friendly.
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    The count to 1000!

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    Community Chat Thread

    Hey everyone! Daddy try eating before you take painkillers it can help the sick feeling.
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    Forum Software

    Absolutely forumotion can count because hands down probably the worst I have ever used!
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    Favorite Dairy Place?

    McDonalds McFlurry are the best! Although Luca’s ice cream is also really good!
  14. digital

    Last post wins!

    You are wrong. I’m the winner.
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    Next Thing You’re Saving For?

    It’s just tricky saving up for a deposit as there is always something that tends to eat into savings!

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