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    What is the CloudLinux OS?

    CloudLinux OS is mainly designed for shared hosting services. It is an improved kernel, based on an OpenVZ kernel that you can interchange with the existing CentOS kernel in few steps. It isolates all tenants on shared server resources into the separate lightweight virtualized environment (LVE)...
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    How To Find A Domain For Artists

    TLDs or domain suffixes are the mandatory part of domain names that come after the dot and better represent the site’s purpose, objective, or geographic region. For example, .gov for governments, .edu for educational websites, .org for organizations, and so on. Generally, the top-level domain is...
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    What does SERP mean?

    When you type a domain name is the search bar you found lot of listing that are paid or some other unpaid. These listing are part of SERP. As you optimize for SEO, it’s essential to look at the SERPs for your keywords. You want to see who’s ranking in the SERPs and the type of content they’re...
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    What Does Networking IP Addresses Portray?

    Understanding IP addresses is not very tough, as every computer on network possesses an exclusive identifier. Now computers utilize these exclusive identifiers to transmit data to some specific computers on any network. Around every network and computer on the internet are now using the TCP/IP...
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    What's your favorite sport?

    Cricket is my favorite sport. This sport is very popular ans played all over the world
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    What is Softaculous and How to Get Started?

    Softaculous is a software auto-installer that is used to install web applications including different scripts and PHP classes with one-click. It is the most widely used application in the web hosting industry and used to install web portals, e-commerce solutions, CMSs (content management...
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    What is Cloud-Native Development?

    Cloud-native architecture is specifically built to work in a cloud environment. The apps start as packaged software known as containers. A virtual environment is used to work with containers and they become out-of-the-way from their actual environments to be portable and independent.
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    What do you Prefer Android or IOS?

    android revolutionize the whole word
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