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  1. Sir Twisted

    Post a picture of your whereabouts.

    Found this topic through a Facebook thread, found it quite interesting. It's as simple as posting a picture of your current location. Be respectful and appropriate ;}
  2. Sir Twisted

    Trends and Hypes you're not on board with.

    Now I know there's a lot of different trends going around with certain things in all sorts of categories, such as apps, clothing, gaming, styles, preforming and so on. So I would just like to ask the community, what sort of trends and overhyped things are you just not for whatsoever? Right now...
  3. Sir Twisted

    [OFFICIAL] Community Suggestions and Feedback

    Greetings everyone, After a few members voiced various concerns of suggesting feedback, I have now took it upon myself to make an official thread for the community to interact with in order to share any concerns, feedback or suggestions you may have regarding the theme, the styling or the...
  4. Sir Twisted

    Forum Authority V3! (Xenforo change! + Downtime Update.)

    Hello once again Forum Authority members - I bring to you possibly the most exciting update that Forum Authority has ever had in it's history. What is this great news I hear you ask? Forum Authority is moving...on to XenForo! Yes, that's right you read it correctly, I took the decision to...
  5. Sir Twisted

    Post nostalgia items below.

  6. Sir Twisted

    New Moderator!

    Hello, I just want to say a massive congratulations to @digital on obtaining a moderator status within the community, he will now work along side @Tagobs and myself bringing the community back to life. Furthermore we will continue providing content for all to enjoy on a regular basis. We also...
  7. Sir Twisted

    Which direction for promotion.

    Good afternoon everyone, Unfortunately due to having work this week, I've not been able to roll out a massive amount of changes and I will be doing my best to try and implement some tweaks here and there this weekend, however, I was wondering in the meantime is there anything or any ideas that...
  8. Sir Twisted

    Prized toys as a kid?

    Let's relive our childhood for a moment or two and name a few of the toys that was in your prized possessions or something that was a more memorable piece to you. I remember when I was very young, I was playing a video game.. I can't remember which, when my mum came home with a nice surprising...
  9. Sir Twisted

    Forum Authority Big Improvements. #210420 (Mobile theme + giveaway!)

    Good evening everyone, I have some great, exciting news to announce today. The news will include information about the newly added FA mobile theme, as well as a small yet exciting giveaway for all of the wonderful members that are continuing to join as well as those who have been here for a...
  10. Sir Twisted

    When COVID 19 is over.

    I want this thread to be an open discussion of what everyone's plans are once this covid-19 has hopefully cleared up, it doesn't need to be set in stone it could just be thoughts and ideas on what you're thinking of doing once quarantine ends. Myself and my girlfriend personally agreed that we...
  11. Sir Twisted

    Commentary YouTubers.

    I was just wondering what everyone's opinion on YouTubers who specify in a commentary channels, usually were they speak over themselves playing games or other sort of news related things that are happening in the world. Such as PewDiePie's pewdnews and other channels like memeulous and leafy is...
  12. Sir Twisted

    Favourite spoof movie?

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  13. Sir Twisted

    Starship troopers!

    I was just wondering if anyone has seen this movie? I would say it's definitely one of my favorites and most definitely on my top-10 list to watch. Something about the style of bugs captivates me and the sort of gimmick tone that it has, recently got my girlfriend to watch it with me and quite...
  14. Sir Twisted

    Do you listen to music from your country?

    Now I know alot of musicians come from America or the UK etc, however, to make it more specific do you listen to any known musicians from your city or town? I listen to blue bells and proclaimers. Im from Scotland.
  15. Sir Twisted

    Addressing some concerns. (FA news)

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  16. Sir Twisted

    Forum Authority Big Improvements. #140420 Please note: If changes are not showing on your device, hard refresh your browser or try clearing your cache/cookies. [SIZE=4]
  17. Sir Twisted

    Modern Warfare 2 Remastered.

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  18. Sir Twisted

    Forum Authority Big Improvements. #040420

    I would also like to take the time to congratulate @Tagobs on becoming the new Forum Moderator. We will be creating a further thread in the near future, with more plans we will have for the community. Regards, Sir.
  19. Sir Twisted

    Future of advertisement.

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  20. Sir Twisted

    Errors or issues on site

    Evening everyone, With the recent removal of the bug tracker tool, I have decided to upload this thread, it will have a form included at the bottom for your personal use if you happen to spot any issues. Currently I'm trying my hardest to iron out any bugs and potential errors on the community...

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