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  1. Daddy

    Last listened to?

    Alice Cooper, Poison.
  2. Daddy

    Introducing Me

    Welcome to the forums!
  3. Daddy


    Welcome to the forum, @Melisa!
  4. Daddy

    Last ate.

    Salt & Vinegar Walkers Crisps.
  5. Daddy

    Community Chat Thread

    Can't have a beer whilst on painkillers. They allow you to attend funerals still? Hope your okay bruv, chin up.
  6. Daddy

    Community Chat Thread

    Thank you, I tend to forget about the eating part when I'm in pain and want quick relief, haha. woke up feeling fine again today.. I might actually be able to have a few beers today.
  7. Daddy

    Community Chat Thread

    Glad you are all having a nice morning/evening. - Yoga, that's something I find impossible to do.:P Meanwhile, since last chatting to you all, I was given some gabapentin from the doctor, I think I lasted 2 days at work last week before my day off, when I went back I lasted literally an hour...
  8. Daddy

    Online Banking?

    I've always used online banking, very rarely do I need to actually go into my bank. My folks prefer going to the bank or post office for their cash & snizzle but recently downloaded the online banking app and are now liking the functionality it provides.
  9. Daddy

    Last watched online?

  10. Daddy

    Current mood?

  11. Daddy

    Last bought?

    A VOIP telephone to take live calls for my radio show.. Dad's abit worried it'll get us kicked off the Internet, but i'm sure they allow Voice Over Internet Protocol like this, otherwise why aren't users who use Skype/Discord kicked off? haha.
  12. Daddy

    Community Chat Thread

    Good morning, how lovely today is! - Yesterday's session on the beer has most certainly helped although, can't feel a thing! - although I did in the night when I kept waking up after passing out cold at around 8pm. I've got abit of an hangover now.. I just hope that my shoulder doesn't hurt...
  13. Daddy

    Hello from Canada eh?

    Welcome to the forum of authority!
  14. Daddy

    Community Chat Thread

    Nothing a few nice cold beers can't fix chaps.. atleast, for today anyway! =P
  15. Daddy

    Community Chat Thread

    Morning folks, just got in from work.. time to retire for the day and hopefully wake up in 4-5 hours so I can enjoy the day off.. Got myself a slight injury, for the past week my shoulder has been hurting me when I move my arm, it was alright on Sunday but by Monday it was back and today, well...
  16. Daddy

    ShockPoint | Web Hosting

    Yes, I didn't want to be bossy and tell you that since the merge many threads are missing content :P
  17. Daddy

    ShockPoint | Web Hosting

  18. Daddy

    Ideas on investing?

    Forget Android, the money belongs in the world of flying cars & time travel. Back to the future rich.

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