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    Next Thing You’re Saving For?

    Everyone is almost always trying to save for something but what would you say the next ‘big’ thing you’re saving for is? When I say big I mean like a car, wedding, laptop something like that! Im currently saving up for a house deposit so I can get a mortgage.
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    Forum Software

    There are so many options out there nowadays for forum software between free and paid, it can make it difficult to pick software. What is your preferred software option - I've created a poll with options be sure to vote in it! You can vote for 2 options as there will be free and paid options.
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    Community Referral Contest

    Hey Forum Authority, It’s time for another one of our amazing contests with some great prizes! The idea behind this contest is to encourage community participation alongside gaining some new members in the community. We hope everyone will participate with us to drive Forum Authority to number...
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    What Is Your Sexuality?

    Hey Guys, So just for a bit of fun what do you consider your sexuality to be? This topic usually brings up some interesting answers - don't forget to vote in the poll as well!
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    Where are you from?

    Quite simply as the title suggests, which area of the world are you from? Make sure to vote in the poll. Im from Scotland
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    I?m Fun...Ask Me!

    I have my quirks just like anyone, so fire away and ask me something.
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    2020/2021 Game Release

    Everyone gets excited about the release of new games so that being said what games are you most excited about dropping in 2020/2021. For me personally I'm pretty excited for the new GTA 6 game to arrive, I'm hoping for a decent story mode and a solid online experience. I'm also really looking...
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    Hey Hey

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