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  1. Suraf

    Forum Authority V.2 Theme.

    Alright, we'll see how this goes. :itwasntme:
  2. Suraf

    Admin Retirement : Katos

    You'll be greatly missed, bud. May you find greatness on your path to the beyond.
  3. Suraf

    Petya ransomware: How to make sure you're safe

    A month ago, it was the "WannaCry" ransomware wreaking havoc over the internet, and now this month another ransomware exploit is rapidly expanding all over Europe which started with companies in Ukraine. The new ransomware is known as "Petya", which uses the same SMBv1 exploit that WannaCry uses...
  4. Suraf

    Your favourite instant Messenger?

    Slack is so far the best and most recommended one I use. Whether it be a nerd group for Dungeons & Dragons, a team collaborating on a project or simply a hangout, I think it really brings the communication together. I haven't been on Skype as much since I first tried Slack.
  5. Suraf

    Are Youtube comments a mess or Am I missing something?

    It's been out for some time, especially after Twitch became something big, YouTube saw it has a good idea to add live streaming to their site and gain more traffic.
  6. Suraf

    [Atlas Industries] Atlas Hard Drive LED

    Looking for critiques for this product, even if it may be harsh criticism. Learn from it.
  7. Suraf

    [Atlas Industries] Atlas Hard Drive LED

    Version 2.3.0 is now available for download!
  8. Suraf

    [Atlas Industries] Atlas Hard Drive LED

    [No message]
  9. Suraf

    Best OS you ever used?

    Windows 10.
  10. Suraf

    [Petition] Protect your right to privacy on Windows 10!

    You're not wrong, about half the people just want an operating system so they simply don't care but those who like the Windows operating system but are into the long-hard privacy thing or even die-hard Windows users will attack Microsoft until things get done correctly and there are even those...
  11. Suraf

    [Petition] Protect your right to privacy on Windows 10!

    Microsoft needs to allow Windows 10 users to opt out of telemetry data collection! This is a petition created by Jerry Berg that basically states to allow Windows 10 consumers to have an opt out option for the Telemetry data collection. The enterprise level of Windows 10 already has this...
  12. Suraf

    Protection software?

    Currently, I am using a legit license for the Advanced SystemCare Pro and a current project that is under development by Atlas Industries. However, I purchased the Malware Bytes (as my brother has recommended it) and the System Mechanic Professional
  13. Suraf

    [Coming Soon] Windows 10 Tweaker

    Honestly, it sounds like a nice idea but I personally don't see anything to it. The only thing that is actually a reality is the Internet Explorer --> Browser Downloader.
  14. Suraf

    [Coming Soon] Windows 10 Tweaker

    This was the April Fools joke from Atlas Industries! Have a nice day Authorians!
  15. Suraf

    [Coming Soon] Windows 10 Tweaker

    It's in the name. No. Slim.
  16. Suraf

    [Coming Soon] Windows 10 Tweaker

  17. Suraf

    Rate my website

    Clean design. Simple layout. Is it as well responsive?
  18. Suraf

    [Atlas Industries] Atlas Hard Drive LED

    Version 2.3.0 coming soon, will introduce a settings window (which will be apart from the about window) and now selecting a drive will be more magical instead of you doing the magic.
  19. Suraf

    Software you use the most often?

  20. Suraf

    Atlas Industries | Software and Web development

    Our newest version for Atlas HDD LED is out and available for download! Check it out here!

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