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    Petya ransomware: How to make sure you're safe

    A month ago, it was the "WannaCry" ransomware wreaking havoc over the internet, and now this month another ransomware exploit is rapidly expanding all over Europe which started with companies in Ukraine. The new ransomware is known as "Petya", which uses the same SMBv1 exploit that WannaCry uses...
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    [Petition] Protect your right to privacy on Windows 10!

    Microsoft needs to allow Windows 10 users to opt out of telemetry data collection! This is a petition created by Jerry Berg that basically states to allow Windows 10 consumers to have an opt out option for the Telemetry data collection. The enterprise level of Windows 10 already has this...
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    [Coming Soon] Windows 10 Tweaker

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    USA - School System

    [video=facebook] The reason why the United States School system needs to be changed.
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    What Are Your Devices?

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    [Atlas Industries] Atlas Hard Drive LED

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    New Official Patch Blizzard Classic Games Quoted from Classic, Blizzard Developer: Warcraft patch 1.27a brings Warcraft III to support the latest modern computers, same with patch 1.14a for Diablo II. Warcraft patch 1.27a change log: Specific Changes & Improvements - Throw away that...
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    Of Monsters and Men - Human

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    Suraf introduction

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