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  1. Ukdot

    Clothes bought Years ago still fit me!

    oh lucky You
  2. Ukdot

    From Nightforums

    Hello Hello
  3. Ukdot

    Possibly my new signature?

    [No message]
  4. Ukdot

    Judge some of my work!

    Yeah good one Like it
  5. Ukdot

    Photography portfolio

    I agree These pictures are delightful I like them very much well done
  6. Ukdot

    How often do you take photos ?

    I take pictures as often as I need
  7. Ukdot

    La Corda D'Oro, my 1st reverse Harem Anime Review!

    Yeah I like it
  8. Ukdot

    Something for Sir Twisted

    Yeah very very good work man
  9. Ukdot

    Hello everyone!

    [No message]
  10. Ukdot

    Anomaly / Kian / R3T4RD / KinJacob

    [No message]

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