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  1. digital

    Daily Activity?

    I like the idea of monthly newsletter and is certainly something I’m sure Sir Twisted would consider! As for the mass email I think that has already been done.
  2. digital

    Community Chat Thread

    Good night/morning everyone haha it’s 2am here and I’m about ready to head off to bed.
  3. digital

    Ideas on investing?

    I would chuck money into property, possibly even commercial property.
  4. digital

    Guess their age!

    I’m going to guess and say 35 just based on your job.
  5. digital

    Last ate.

    Greek style yoghurt before bed.
  6. digital

    The count to 1000!

  7. digital

    Last post wins!

    How can you win when clearly I’m the winner?
  8. digital

    $1 Million Winner

    I’d purchase my first property for myself. I’d pay off everything of my parents and get them a nicer house. Then I’d probably look to set up some kind of business venture.
  9. digital

    What should you be doing now other than being on Forum Authority?

    Might be an idea to head off to bed but I’m in here instead!
  10. digital

    Daily Activity?

    FA had been around a while and the forum kind of died off a little but we are now in the midst of a strong comeback!
  11. digital

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for having gun in your name
  12. digital

    The count to 1000!

  13. digital

    Last ate.

    toast with honey and banana! I’ll pay for it with heartburn later
  14. digital

    Last bought?

    An led light strip
  15. digital

    Last post wins!

    I royally declare myself the winner
  16. digital

    Building or pre-built?

    Take advantage of that buddy! Get him a crate of beer or something as a thanks! I’m sure he could build a wicked set up on a limited budget?
  17. digital

    Thinking about getting into a new game...

    Have you tried Cities Skylines? It’s a bit like sim city but I personally think it’s a bit better? I can’t say I’ve played many games where you have to interact with other to succeed I’m more of a simulation type gamer!
  18. digital

    Community Chat Thread

    Hey everyone :) I’m just about to head off to sleep!
  19. digital

    Favourite board game.

    Monopoly is great except I’m not really a great loser so I tend to have a bit of a temper tantrum playing it 😂😂
  20. digital

    Last listened to?

    Demi Lovato - No Promises

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