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21 May 2020


Greetings, username.

First and foremost I would like to announce that we have officially moved to XenForo software!

What does this mean for Forum Authority?

Essentially in doing this we have a vast variety of new features within the community, as well as a new sleek, elegant, modern fully responsive theme, that covers all resolutions effortlessly. We have also implemented great new additions to accommodate not only user customisation, but browsing the forum as well as interacting with other users around the community.

That's all good, but what about my account?

Worry not! Due to the new software features we had the capability of importing all of the users data into the new software, this included posts, threads, avatars, signatures and other standard information.

Perfect! Tell me what else is new?

Not only have we improved the way the community looks and functions, we have also announced several new contests as well as giveaways. We now plan on doing these on a more frequent basis, including fun forum games, such as treasure hunts!

These changes have been in place for little over a few weeks now, although on a daily occurrence they have been tweaked and amended to better accommodate what Forum Authority is now.

The important bit..

We have recently released a new update list on the latest and greatest at Forum Authority, which can be viewed here:

I would also just like to remind everyone that we are presently running an amazing referral contest, in which you can win prizes up to $40. Some of these include: upgraded membership, exclusive awards, gift cards, cash and more! You can see more details regarding the competition prizes and how to enter here:

We really do hope you come along and join the new journey that has began on Forum Authority, but we understand if not.

As always, keep smiling, keep posting, keep your authority going.

Kind regards,

Forum Authority Team.

Email draft
That's an awesome email! Well done :)

Ok here is my copy/paste. I am in the middle of returning a TV receiver as it has become redundant and is costing me $8/month. I'm cheap like that :

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