Eff You, Cancer.


On Fire
18 April 2020
New Jersey


I overheard my dad on the phone with his cousin yesterday, and found out that he has blood cancer. This has left me completely distraught. My 'uncle' is a very kind man, and he's someone I admire even if I don't see him much. He's close to my dad, which is rare in this family (my family has a tendency towards toxic relations)... And I know it means dad's hurting too. Dad even had to push him to talk to his doctor about a bone marrow transplant, and that he was more than ready to give if he was a match.

Now here's the thing that worries me more than anything. My uncle can't be put under anesthesia because anesthetics don't work on him. It's a mystery Mayo Clinic deemed 'he must be from another world'. But if he can't go under, can he even get a transplant? I don't know how bone marrow transplants work exactly, but I'm afraid either he'll have to endure a huge amount of pain, or we'll all be told that's not an option. Chemo is too dangerous to be put on right now when there's a pandemic going on, and I just have no idea what's going to happen.

I'm honestly starting to cry again right now... So I'll stop here. But... How do I stop worrying about him enough to stay calm? I don't even know right now...

Sir Twisted

Staff member
10 June 2015


First and foremost. I would just like to say that I am most definitely sorry to hear that, I truly hope that you and your family stay strong during these hard times.

I really hope the members here can give you some suggestions for making your mind at ease and hopefully you will find them helpful.

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