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26 March 2020


Dear members ❤
By working towards our goal of making Forum Authority the best community there is, we are continuously improving the forum in various ways. Below is a compiled list of changes that have been made during the past time.

🔥 Highlighted updates

🏅 Award system: As we announced previously, we now got an amazing award system (which you can read about in full detail here).

💯 Reputation system: We now have a reputation system! The more posts you have, the larger your reputation is. Your and any other member's reputation can be viewed under your avatar in all of your posts.

🔔 Push notifications: Never miss a thing from Forum Authority with brand new push notifications.

💬 Forum posting
We want to continue improving on what matters the most at Forum Authority, namely the posting itself - where you and I exchange opinions, ideas, rants and questions. Therefore, we are proud to announce the following updates related to how we post our everyday threads and comments.
  • Unlimited characters in posts: There is no need to be brief whenever you have something to share with the rest of the community. We'd like to be able to read all your rants in full length, and have therefore removed length limits from forum posts.
  • Videos, videos, videos: Now you can finally upload videos, so whether you have a new vlog, Photoshop tutorial or something entirely else you'd like to share with us, you can finally do so.
  • Featured threads: Never miss an important update from the staff team. Now, all especially important threads are available in a beautiful carousel at the top of the index page.
  • Thread tags: Now you can add tags to your threads, as yet another way to categorize them, making it easier for future users as well as current ones to find them later on.
  • Highlighted sticky topics: As a new measure in order to make sticky topics stand out from the masses, they are now highlighted in a pretty blue color whenever your viewing a forum.
  • Labeling of threads with new posts: Now it is even easier to see whether someone has replied to a thread since you last checked in. If there are any new comments to that thread, it will now be labelled with a
    next to the thread title.
  • Hover to see user stats: Now, if you want to check out a users post count or registration date, simply hover over the users post and the stats will greet and welcome you.
  • Thread prefixes: In forums where thread prefixes are useful, you can now add one to your new threads in order to better categorize it.
  • Offensive word filtering: Let's keep it all family friendly, right?

🤝 User registration
The following set of updates are a part of reaching our ever continuing goal of making it as pleasant as possible to sign up to Forum Authority, while at the same time making it unpleasant for spammers to do so.
  • Welcome PM: Newly registered users will from now on receive a jolly welcome message, explaining how Forum Authority works and how they easily can start their active participation in the community.
  • Spam prevention added: Enough with the spambots already.
  • Captcha added on registration: We really can't stress how much we dislike spammers enough.

🔀 Misc
The following are some updates that are harder to categorize, but that still are quite awesome if you ask us.
  • New footer: The footer is redesigned, and the forum statistics is now not only the community's pride and joy, it is also the footer's new crown. In addition to that, profile comments have been moved to the footer.
  • Better mobile functionality: Our work in making Forum Authority as mobile-friendly as possible has been fruitful. The forum logo is now displayed on mobiles as well.
  • Disallowed usernames and titles added:
  • Username colours tweaked.
  • Font Awesome: Added Font Awesome icons throughout the forum.
  • Various theme changes: Tweak tweak, let the beauty leak.
  • Online in last 24 hours added.
  • New trophies added.
  • Emerald membership upgrade plus tweaks.
  • Added new user fields.

That's it for now! What do you guys think?

Best regards,

The Staff Team

Sir Twisted

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10 June 2015


Thank you very much for taking the time to put this well detailed and descriptive thread out regarding the new updates. I hope everyone enjoys these new changes, however, we are always open to hear your opinion.


Community Team Leader
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27 April 2020


Glad you guys all approve! Don’t forget we are always open to suggestions!

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