Normative behaviour?


3 May 2020


This is an interesting one that has always baffled and frustrated me. Why are people so focused on what others are doing and what is normal behaviour? Where in history did we lose our ability to think for ourselves or deviate from the norm? Many people seem capable of doing this when it is a big issue or movement such as parades and marches... But why can't this be done for 'smaller' aspects of life or individual choices and behaviours - such as I want to wear this pink shirt for myself and I don't care what my friends will say about it?

I feel that social media has too much of an influence, as people seem either happy to, or forced to conform to normative behaviour. Luckily Instagram did a good thing by hiding how many likes each post gets, as social media feels like a popularity contest too often. It annoys me that people seem to write or do what other people want to see, just for a self-esteem boost of a few likes... To me this is preposterous.


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27 April 2020


I don't think it has that much influence in all honestly. If I want to do something then I will and if I don't then I won't, regardless of what social media says.

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