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29 June 2015


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The setup processhttp://marshdesigns.co.uk/

We personally felt that whilst the domains were in no way outrageously priced, they were more expensive to other providers.​


Our thoughts:
The web hosting dashboard (http://puu.sh/mFDJQ/990778df5a.jpg) was very sleek and minimalistic, allowing us to easily navigate to what we need, as well as being able to see an overview easily. We found this to bevery clean and honestly, it is even better than a LOT of hosts we’ve used in the past!
What we decided to do was head straight to our CPanel and get to work. The hosting tier that we were on “Palm” is stated as being “Perfect for business”. So naturally, we stuck our businesss of Marsh Designs onto it, and decided to run our website operations from here.
When we clicked on for the CPanel, we were unfortunately met by an SSL Connection Error:

However, a quick refresh and we were straight in!
The default cpanel theme for Jolly leaf servers was a surprise for us, being a very clean and nice design it meant that whilst we know our way around CPanel, we felt that this design would even be well suited for beginners!
We decided that to save time, and to also test the software installation, we would try the offered “Softaculous” installation to install a test wordpress site.
The softaculous installed VERY quickly, and was easy to use.

First off, we were simply amazed at how active Jolly Leaf’s Twitter page was. They provide excellent support over Twitter and are very professional, kind and patient. So full points for Jolly Leaf there!
We then went on our dashboard and made a support ticket for an issue with our domain, where it wasn’t transferring to the new host (this was our fault).


Baseline reading
To get a base line reading, we took a speed test using Pingdom on our fresh installation of WordPress. This would allow us to get a baseline reading for how the webhost handles the speed.

We got a very fast baseline reading of 829ms for the page load. Please bare in mind, this is without any optimization of any sort.

Sucuri Loadtime tester
Sucuri load time gave us an average load time of:
0.223 seconds for the connection, 0.359 seconds for first bite, and a total of 0.359 seconds.
The scores for each location were:

As you can see, Jolly Leaf was given an overall performance grade of A+.


We ran Loader.io with 250 clients for one minute. This would allow us to track the average response times under load, and how the webhost handled the test.

The server performed well under load, and only hit an 11% error rate – much lower than I have had in the past. The average response time for this load was 1218ms – 1.218 seconds. This is still a quick load for those viewing the site.
So for a small business this would load well, though for bigger businesses they may require a more powerful server. Though to be honest, this wouldn’t be the hosting provider that a LARGE company would use.

Large site tests
So, to test under realistic load, I actually decided to fully migrate Marsh Designs’ website over to the host and run speed tests on this. In the past, the speed for Marsh Designs has been slow. Due in part, to the poor optimization and back-end code that I currently have (don’t worry folks, I will be sorting this!)
To test the large site, we put the wordpress installation under a heavy load to simulate the traffic:

As the graph shows, the servers took ~12 seconds to stabilise the connections. When it did, the connections were handled efficiently, and with little latency. The average response time for this stress was 820ms. This was actually FASTER than our baseline (most likely due to optimization and caching). We also had less errors occuring, due to the fact that our redirects were solved.
We then ran the stress another time, whilst taking a pingdom speed test.
And finally, for good measure, we again tested with the sucuri load time tester.
We got an average response time of 0.173 secs for connection, and a total average of 0.306 seconds. Our slowest connection was from Singapore, with a connection speed of 1.035 seconds (which honestly, we don’t think is that bad at all!)
Our performance grade (under heavy load) was an A+.

In our conclusion, Jolly Leaf is a superb host that provides an excellent service at a very competitive price. We would however like to see a cheaper domain registration price. As well as this, we would also like to see a few touch-ups to help make this host absolutely superb. For example, fixing the occassional errors such as the SSL certificate, as well as time-out and no data errors.
We would also like to see the name servers of Jolly Leaf clearly displayed to make the updating of name servers an easier experience.
Jolly leaf pride themselves on the following statements:



We then have a superb offer thanks to the folks at Jolly Leaf; use discount code MARSH at the checkout to receive 10% off monthly subscription plans on web hosting plans, 10% off first year of domain names and 10% off first year for SSL certificates..
We plan to be using the webhost for a while, and we will aim to review them again within 3-4 months to see if our opinions change, and what we think of them at this time.

Marsh Designs is also offering a give-away of Jolly Leaf’s Palm Plan. Get a 1 year subscription PLUS a FREE .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info domain name.


Jolly Leaf | Palm Tier Hosting Giveaway!

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