Will racism cease to exist?


3 May 2020


I firmly believe that racism has slowly depleted in modernity, with the help of many strong historical characters such as Rosa Parkes, Mandella and Martin Luther King Jr. However, it still feels too prevalent of an issue in modernity. I feel it is just a cowardly way of hating someone, or a group of people.

It makes me wonder, will we ever be at a point where racism has been abolished completely? What should be done to control racism and reduce its usage?


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18 April 2020


I can guarantee at some point in the future racism will cease to exist but the question is - When will this happen.

It could be hundreds of years before that happens. It seems most people in this modern era seem to be moving past the idea of racism being more than a minority thing but it still exists and is still around. This won't happen until in the future it starts to be non-existent completely. There are still mass shootings of hate to all types of color. It's quite sad and still people to this day are racist. While I will say it's now a minority issue these days and is few people who still are, it still exists.


21 May 2020


I personally think that there will always be one form of racism prevalent in modern society. It may not be as apparent as it once was (social class, segregation, verbal abuse), however humans by nature are racist. Take the recent COVID-19 pandemic for example, it was in the news at the beginning where Chinese restaurants were avoided for feat that they were carriers of the virus. People walking down the street would be shot with death stares and avoided like the plague.

Now...this is only one or two bad apples out of the bunch so this opinion is not intended to paint everyone with the same brush. There are an overwhelming amount of kind-hearted people out there, and thank goodness their stories drastically outweigh the negative ones, but the bad ones are still out there.

So in short, Racism and Discrimination will always be present in human society, but the good always outweighs the bad and at the end of the day the light will shine through.

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