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Full Version: The last film you watched?
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What was the last film you watched and what are your thoughts on it, concept(s) and production wise?

The film i only just finished watching is called "The Discovery". It had a good concept about the afterlife and such. However, if the film were to have produced a more clear and definitive route, it would have been more interesting. There were confusing plot contortions, mediocre acting and there couldve been more done with the idea. That's my opinion though, feel free to debate.
The last movie that I watched was The Great Wall with Matt Damon. Overall it was a fantastic movie however I would have liked a more in depth plot on the enemies and how the wall came to be.


The last film i watch was The Shining with my beau. Haven't completed it though. It's said to be a great film. Jack Nicholson is in it and he's terrific. Looking forward to watching it all.
The last one I watched was Rogue One : A Star Wars story.  I didn't get to see it when it originally came out but I did get to watch it when it came out on dvd.
Mines would have been kingsman the Golden circle: such a fantastic well thought plot and in my personal opinion I feel like it's far more superior than the second one with its overall conclusion.
I tried to watch Ghostrider 2 but it didn't have subtitles, so I couldn't hardly hear what was being said.  
I don't like Nicolas Cage, but Ghostrider is one of my favs.