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Good morning, afternoon, evening everyone. 

I would like to address some issues and tell every one of the new/upcoming features. I would firstly like to apologize for the delay of this thread, I was intending on creating this a few weeks ago, after an unfortunate event that occurred on the site. For those of you who don't know or those of you who are wondering why I haven't addressed this sooner, I have been incredibly busy with IRL. I know this is not an excuse, however, alongside that I have been monitoring the site constantly to hopefully prevent any further occurrences. The event that had taken place was Forum Authority had been hacked and taken offline, our database was deleted as well as corrupt. Thankfully I had a lot of backups to get the site back up and running with minimal loss. The person to thank for Forum Authority being here today is , I've said this several times but I really do appreciate your help, myself and the members of this community are grateful to have you. 

Now to hopefully prevent this from happening again, precautions and extra security have been set in place. This will keep this site locked down to an extent, however, should this happen again, I do advise everyone to remain calm, while the team get the site back up and running. You can always stay up to date with what is happening on our Twitter page Here

I do thank everyone for their patience and understanding. 

Alright, it's time to announce some fun and upcoming features as well as let you all know of the recent changes and implementations. 

Firstly you may have noticed some tweaks on the index (home) page. The statistics have been improved in regards to layout and responsiveness. 

[Image: j85fUpd.jpg]

The most recent posts in the forum sidebar have been slightly improved also, this will also be fully responsive and will now display the user's avatar. 

[Image: y1WxhZB.jpg]

Other smaller tweaks include Todays Top Posters usernames being cut off after a certain length, this issue has now been fixed. You will now be able to view all forum statistics and the complete list of users who have been online by clicking the icons to the left of their title, also within the forum sidebar. 

Threadlist / Posts

Some slight changes have been made to the threadlist, this includes a circular background to the posts legend image and the post statistics have also been slightly altered. 

[Image: J0xnoK9.jpg]

You will now be able to see the author of the threads avatar to the left of the title and the title is now displayed as a speech bubble. The thread settings have been moved to the bottom across from the search function, this feature will also be accessible on all devices now. The user awards under the user's panel to the left have been slightly revamped, upon hovering over the award the circular container will transition to a box allowing you to see the award fully. 

[Image: 88XHmgX.jpg]

Upon viewing posts on devices such as tablets and mobiles you will now be able to see the option to display more user information. Clicking this will do exactly that and display the user's information you would normally be able to view on desktop posts. 

[Image: 6NmBpmD.jpg]

Member Profile

Now nothing has changed on the member profiles, except I have decided to implement a much-requested feature to add a little more customization to your profile. 
Profile banners! This feature will require you to have at least 10 or more posts to implement one, however, the setting will be available under Edit Profile - Additional Information - Profile Background. The recommended size is 1125x182, however, you can upload any image size no matter how small or large, it will be scaled to fit. ( to avoid disappointment and stretches stick with the recommended size.) The banners will have a default opacity of 0.8, although hovering over the banner will show the images originality. 

[Image: 7994883ec7d33413cfb55a66052d9eec.png]

That's all for the recent implementations and changes folks. What is yet to come is listed below. 
  • Project Lights Out. 
  • More badges to be incorporated, examples include Helper, Upgrader, Beta Tester, Bug Fixer.
  • Updated and Improved user ranks. 
  • Affiliates program information. 
  • Profile visitors and comments.
  • Improved reputation system.

Thank you for reading.

Keep smiling, keep posting, keep your authority going.

The Forum Authority Team.
Awesome changes, i can't wait
I am glad to hear that you like the new changes .