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Full Version: Project Lights out Beta!
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Good Evening Everyone, 

Today I would like to announce information on a new and upcoming feature titled "Project Lights Out". 

Project Lights Out has been kept fairly quiet as of recent and not much information has been made available, however, if you follow Forum Authority on our Twitter social media account, you may have noticed a sneak peek at the first official preview of what exactly Project Lights Out is. Although in case you have not seen the post or preview image. Project Lights Out is a replicate darker version of the current Forum Authority theme. Ideal for the members that like browsing at later times, or prefer darker themes. Lights Out is created by combining gradients and shades to provide you, the user with the best and most comfortable browsing experience. 

At this current moment, the theme will have no shades of the Forum Authority classic blue, replacing this will be gradients of grey. Although there will be an updated version released shortly after with a matching blue to blend with the theme and its contrast. 

This theme will be fully released shortly. There is no set date, however, I would like to inform everyone that Forum Authority will conduct a beta for this theme and any member may participate. The beta will go live tomorrow (15/11/17) at 6.00 GMT. The beta will last one week and end on the 22/11/17

Alongside the beta going live will be the Official Project Lights Out thread, in this thread expect to find updates on the theme, progress, images and more. This thread will also be open for any and all community discussion including suggestions and feedback, any particapant who suggests an idea that is implemented or altered to show in the final release of the theme will be granted an exclusive Project Lights Out badge. 

Thank you. 

Kind Regards,
I love darker themes


Can't wait