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    Normative behaviour?

    This is an interesting one that has always baffled and frustrated me. Why are people so focused on what others are doing and what is normal behaviour? Where in history did we lose our ability to think for ourselves or deviate from the norm? Many people seem capable of doing this when it is a big...
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    After Life

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    British bands or artists

    I am English and currently living in Sweden so this pandemic is starting to make me feel homesickness. As a coping mechanism I have created a British playlist with all my favourite bands like Mallory Knox, Twin Atlantic, You Me At Six and Enter Shikari. I also love listening to solo artists such...
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    Does god exist?

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    Will racism cease to exist?

    I firmly believe that racism has slowly depleted in modernity, with the help of many strong historical characters such as Rosa Parkes, Mandella and Martin Luther King Jr. However, it still feels too prevalent of an issue in modernity. I feel it is just a cowardly way of hating someone, or a...
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    Do guns kill or protect people?

    I feel that there is a huge debate on the pros and cons of using guns. I am against them at times as I feel it can be excessive force and cause more problems than it is trying to solve. Also, those in control of them should be thorough tested to make sure they are appropriately using them and...
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    E-Sports is short for Electronic sports. Apparently this phenomenon can date back around 50 years, but I have not come across it much myself. I have seen it in recent years but I feel that is very prevalent right now, as an alternative to the real-life sporting events that are cancelled. Many...
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    Is football returning too soon?

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