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    Ask the Demon

    yes. Japan None A trip to Mall of America with my family.
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    Ask the Demon

    some IT computer related job, or just something that lets me be myself and hard working. old spice fresh What is this a job interview? Umm, hardworking, dedicated, friendly. Rich! My father passing away, leaving me to fend for myself with heavy student debt and a low paying job. cinnamon!
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    Share your software setup

    Nice setup, mine is office 365, windows media player, firefox/chrome, PIA for VPN, bitdefender/malwarebytes for secuirty, photoshop and bleach bit for removing files.
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    How do you gain members?

    It's pretty hard to do, as you're never guarantee results. All you can really do is make a very appealing forum and hope that the advertising you do attracts the right people who want to sign up.
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    FFVII Remake

    I played the demo and loved it, however I'm going to wait for another part of the game to release, this game's combat is pretty complex and I rather not get rusty between game part releases.
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    Ask the Demon

    Getting my bachelors in Computer Science, though ended up being a double edge sword as it still hasn't gotten me a job yet...
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    Hard about a forum?

    Forums are actually pretty easy, until you have to gain members, gain a solid SEO footing and keeping up activity. I've been running forums for over ten years and seen countless forums appear and vanish because they didn't want to put in the work to maintain their community.
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    Nintendo Switch

    I have one, mostly keep it docked use it to play Smash Bros but once other games start having a price drop I plan on picking it up. I will save it is a solid hybrid console.
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    Fortnite, why is it so popular?

    I like to think its free and just edgy to appeal to modern/young gamers, I watched some gameplay and fun as it looks, I rather not waste my time on it really.
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    Your current employment status.

    Stuck at a retail job with a college degree, the job market has been tough before covid and now even tougher. I hope to turn things around this summer.
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    Did any of you guys watch Avatar: The Last Air Bender

    I've seen the entire series, for a non japan anime, it really does well in all areas. It's a highly recommended series, just be sure though to not watch the live action series.
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    A Really Good Anime You Should Check Out from the Toonami Days

    If anyone ends up enjoying it, also be sure to check out Hunter X Hunter, the creator's next series after this. Sadly though, it remains incomplete so far.
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    Ask the Demon

    Feel free to ask me anything and everything you like to know within reason! Though may cost you a soul or two for the answer :P
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    A Really Good Anime You Should Check Out from the Toonami Days

    Ahhh Toonami, I truly do miss it. But I agree, Yu Yu Hakusho really made toonami awesome back in the day. Had so many excellent fights and powers.
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    Grimoire of Zero

    Finished a really enjoyable anime, though it seems rather generic, it does have a lot going for it even if one character's development doesn't really match up with what is going on. The one thing I enjoy most about this anime is how fast the plot moves and yet works for what is going on, though...

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