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    The weather today has been incredibly nice, little wind and sunny skies
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    Current mood?

    If I'm being completely honest, I've just been absolutely lazy and unmotivated
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    Community Chat Thread

    Hey sir and June. How are you both?
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    70/80/90s or Today's music?

    To be honest I really do like 80s music, but I also like a lot of the Early 2000s Music and 90s stuff
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    Last listened to?

    I last listened to Somebody That I Used to Know
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    Last watched online?

    Before the movie I'm watching now I just watched some howtobasic on YouTube
  7. GunsnRoses

    Movie Recommendations.

    I highly recommend watching the 21 Jump Street, in fact, I'm watching it now
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    Copy And Paste Game

    Hel oeob
  9. GunsnRoses

    Last ate.

    I had some gammon with some potatoe salad
  10. GunsnRoses

    Last ate.

    I just had myself a pot noodle
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    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for owning
  12. GunsnRoses

    Copy And Paste Game

  13. GunsnRoses

    Community Chat Thread

    Heeeeello everyone
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    Copy And Paste Game

  15. GunsnRoses

    Last ate.

    Some toast and cheese

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