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    A drama-free Relationship, is it possible?

    If there is no drama, it isnt a relationship at all.
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    What's your relationship status ?

    I am engaged with my girlfriend. 3 year old relationship we have.
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    Can the 'About us' be in small letters rather than being in all caps?

    Can the 'About us' be in small letters rather than being in all caps?
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    The fight against COVID19

    Being a doctor myself, I cannot stress more on the importance of protecting yourselves from the nCOVID19. However, some recent technology used to track patients have raised eyebrows, especially in our healthcare circles. Countries world wide, including that of Australia and India are using app...
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    The SIDEFFECT game

    Anything in his world has a side effect/ From wood to paper clips. The game is simple. Mention the side effect of what the poster above has mentioned. Example: Petrol Suggested answer: Pollutes I will start the game. I am mentioning: INK
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    Data comsumption

    Why do we consume so much data while on laptops? For 10 MB, I could do a few posts on FA and also some browsing around if I am on my phone. If I am on my laptop, that's atleast a 100MB affair. I use around 60GB a month if I am on my phone and if its Wifi, the same pattern of website visits...
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    Designated Survivor

    I started my Netflix subscription only one month back. The first series I saw was Designated survivor and I fell in love with season one. It was filled with a wonderful story line, perfect cast, some stunning acts and a lot of good moments. As we passed to season 2, the story line started...
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    Engineering habbits

    [No message]
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    Hair cuts

    [No message]
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    Intepreting modern art

    [No message]
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    The problems with dark theme

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