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    Forum Awards

    Award: Gaming Life Proof of eligibility: Award: 1 Month Down Proof of Eligibility: 11 April 2017 Award: 1 Year Down Proof of Eligibility: 11 April 2017
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    Forum Authority V3! (Xenforo change! + Downtime Update.)

    Don't get me wrong it's a damn awesome forum script to be running from as it's much more maintained than MyBB. Haven't been too bad, long time no see. Ever hear from Scar again since he disappeared? Appreciate the welcome back, you too.
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    Forum Authority V3! (Xenforo change! + Downtime Update.)

    A major drastic change but I guess it may be worth it in the long run. Hey Maxbill been a long time :)
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    Credits change.

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    Forum Authority v6 Release!

    Changelog as per May 11th, 2017. The bug tracker we had has been replaced with a more smooth and efficient one - link. Achievements have been taken out and replaced with an award system which functions more beneficially - link. You'll now be able to obtain certain forum awards automatically...
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    Forum Authority v6!

    Yeah guys any bugs you come across please report them with screenshots and such. We will investigate them and then take the best course of action to fix these issues. We do not guarantee perfection on a release like this but we will work to fix bugs.
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    Forum Authority v6!

    We're going to be pushing this out tonight guys within the next 4 hours - downtime will be there.
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    Forum Authority v6!

    We hope to have this released within the next 24 hours, as such expect some downtime.
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    Forum Authority v6!

    The bug tracker will be fully replaced. As per articles idea I like that but we're going to be looking at various aspects and offering new access for people. Newly created help documents are ready to go live as well.
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    10 Tips for Self-Improvement

    I don't think am entire book was what meant. Reading three pages from a book. I'm sure that was what was meant by that reference.
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    Forum Authority v6!

    Hello everybody on Forum Authority, today I bring the first information regarding the version 6.0 release of Forum Authority! Myself working alongside the Administration team have been working behind closed doors on the new release of the forums. I am happy to finally be able to give you guys...
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    Dark or light theme?

    It all depends, I like both light and dark. Depends on the type of website I guess.
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    Nasyr here

    We may see some changes coming in soon buddy :)
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    Congratulations on the engagement.
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    My group.

    That is true that it does not need to cost a lot or anything at all. However if you want a forum to succeed you need to play the game. This means you do need to put money in, and a lot of it at that. You need a quality VPS, DDoS protection, additional I.P addresses, back-up storage areas. Keep...

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