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    Community Chat Thread

    And now I’m finally off work. What’s up everyone?
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    Community Chat Thread

    Hey guys! I’ve spent the past 7 hours at work, and still got two hours to go. How’re you guys?
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    A drama-free Relationship, is it possible?

    These are some excellent points. A good relationship does not lie in the lack of conflict, but how one resolves any conflict.
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    Last ate.

    Chicken with rice and some delicious sauce
  5. Tagobs

    Current mood?

    Good and tired, looking forward to being done at work!
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    The count to 1000!

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    Community Chat Thread

    Good evening guys! Sorry for the inactivity today, I’m in the middle of my first nine hour shift this summer. How are you guys today?
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    Your favorite Wines?

    I've started exploring the realm of orange wines, that is, white wine grapes - red wine process. I can really recommend Angiolino Maule Sassaia 2017, it's a good one!
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    Community Chat Thread

    Good, but I'm reaaaally tired. It's 1:40am, so I better hit the hay soon!
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    Last post wins!

    I don't think so!
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    The count to 1000!

  12. Tagobs

    Post a picture of your whereabouts.

    Do you have a cat, Sir Twisted? :o
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    Community Chat Thread

    That's not a bad way to spend the evening!
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    Last post wins!

  15. Tagobs

    Community Chat Thread

    Hey Kira! How are you?

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