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    Welcome to Forum Authority. Glad to have you with us :D
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    Movies you come back to.

    I can see my dad watching the Godfather nonstop which is something he used to do. I was only a kid but it would get so annoying listening to the little VCR tape he would always watch. Personally I don't watch movies more than once much anymore. When I was a kid I probably watched the Lion King...
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    Hello From NZ

    Welome to Forum Authority @tdbnz glad for you to join us. Let me know if you have any questions or the staff here. Happy for you to join. Welcome to the family :D
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    What do you do to keep the community happy?

    I run on a 12 point system on my site. 4 points is a 1 month ban, 8 points is a 3 month ban, and 12 points is permanent. It takes a lot though because I set the points to expire after 1 year. To be honest I welcome all members to my site but if someone isn't following the rules then first time...
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    Is Splatoon worth it?

    Since this thread was opened back up I'll have to say that I might have to play this sometime. I actually bought Splatoon 2 about 4 years ago but have probably only played about 4 matches. Does it get more fun when you get better upgrades? Maybe that's why I was a bit bored of it. I think...
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    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for being the Leader of the Gestapo. We here at Gestapo headquarters cherish our police officer banning force. We do what we must for the Russian Gestapo are the leaders of the most diligent hard working team of gestapo individuals. We work diligently day and night to bring you special...
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    Phone games.

    I don't play many phone games as I find them boring. I did check out Call of Duty mobile though and it's not too bad for a free game. Same can be said with Mario Kart Tour for iOS and Android. I haven't really found one that has got me hooked yet unlike some people. But as for tablet games I...
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    The fight against COVID19

    Personally what I can say is just stay away from large crowding cents such as football and basketball games and also do not go to big outlet malls to shop or where big crowds of people are. If your hanging out with friends only you probably don't need a mask though one would still be good to...
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    Will racism cease to exist?

    I can guarantee at some point in the future racism will cease to exist but the question is - When will this happen. It could be hundreds of years before that happens. It seems most people in this modern era seem to be moving past the idea of racism being more than a minority thing but it still...
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    Commentary YouTubers.

    I tend to watch a lot of call of duty videos like this. Mostly just letting you know what's going to be coming out and different things like that. Keeping you updated with the latest news on call of duty. I have many of the most famous call of duty youtubers and livestreamers I'm subscribed to...
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    COD Black Ops 4

    Black ops 4 seems to be one of the better games call of duty has made in my opinion. It seems to be on of the most fun call of duty experiences I've had yet. I logged in yesterday and got a free pick-a-weapon bribe. Apparently it was given out for free and got to unlock the VMP. I have most of...
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    what computer game(s) are you currently playing?

    Mainly the PC Game I've been playing is Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. That seems to be something I enjoy quite a bit. It's fun playing against other users.
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    Last Game You Bought?

    The last game that I bought was Mortal Kombat 11. Which is actuallly really fun to play. It's been quite a blast playing it. Very enjoyable
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    Do you live stream your gaming?

    I've never live streamed my gaming but I have always thought about doing it for fun once in a while for Halo. I will probably get into it eventually. Just wouldn't be doing it for followers and stuff like that. Would rather just play for fun.
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    E-sports seems to be something that is taking over a vastly popular amount of partcipents and attention of a lot of people. With games like Halo 5 and Call of Duty sometimes being competitive it can be quite fun to particpate in tournements and such and it's really growing in popularity. I've...

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