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  1. Tagobs

    TV Series: The Great

    Not that long after the release of a historical drama series about Catherine the Great of Russia starring Helen Mirren, Hulu came out with a more satirical comedic series about the Russian Empress, under the name of The Great. I just binged through the whole first (and so far only) season, and...
  2. Tagobs

    Forum Updates. #190520

    Dear members ❤ By working towards our goal of making Forum Authority the best community there is, we are continuously improving the forum in various ways. Below is a compiled list of changes that have been made during the past time. 🔥 Highlighted updates 🏅 Award system: As we announced...
  3. Tagobs

    Tagobs' bragging thread

    Figured I'd make one of these now that I reached 800 posts :cool:
  4. Tagobs

    Forum Awards

    Dear members, Forum Authority's switch to XenForo has meant that we have had to find alternatives for our previous and awesome features. Today, we can proudly announce that the award system is reintroduced, looking better than ever. 🏅 What are awards? Awards are small ribbons, medals or...
  5. Tagobs

    Internet Speed Test

    Do you have an internet connection that is comparable to the speed of light, or do you maybe spend ten seconds just to load Forum Authority? Check your connection with Speedtest by Ookla and share your results below. I can't really brag :cautious:
  6. Tagobs

    Share your software setup

    Here's a thread to share all the programs you use on your computer, and what you use it for! If you're lucky, maybe you'll find your new favorite piece of software among the replies in this thread ;) I'll go first: Browser Mozilla Firefox; Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition. Email Microsoft...
  7. Tagobs

    Apatite for phpBB

    Hey guys! Previously I posted a thread about a theme I'm building from the ground up. This thread is about another theme that I started on before that one, which I figured I should finish up before I continue on the other. The theme, which has the temporary name Apatite, is the first theme...
  8. Tagobs

    Favorite albums

    Do you have a favorite album? If so, which is it, and why do you like it so muchBlond by Frank Ocean and The Life of Pablo by Kanye West. Both are simply masterworks, and I've listened through both of them at least a hundred times. Both of them came out in 2016, which was an exciting time in...
  9. Tagobs


    Do we have any nicotine wrecks here at FA, and if so, what's your poison? I started smoking when I was 15, but after a couple of years it wasn't economically sustainable anymore, especially since I ended up with smoking a pack a day. So I dumped the cigs and switched over to Swedish snus: small...
  10. Tagobs

    First theme from the ground up

    Hey guys! Lately I've been working a little bit on a new forum theme, and for the first time I'm building it from the ground up. I don't really have an end goal with it, I'm just playing around and I see it as a learning experience more than anything. I've added a couple of screenshots, and...
  11. Tagobs

    Ask Tagobs

    Ask me anything, I'm not shy!
  12. Tagobs

    How are your corona diets?

    For many of us, corona times means that we stay at home a lot, with as few visits to the grocery store as possible. How are you all coping with this food-wise? What are you stuffing your faces with nowadays? I'm staying with my girlfriend while I wait for my university to reopen. She is a...
  13. Tagobs

    Hi there!

    Hey everyone! My name is Tagobs. I'm from Norway, in my early twenties and I'm a philosophy student. I like Woody Allen-movies, Civilization V and watching trashy TV for the most part. I needed some place to make this corona time we are in pass by faster, so I ended up here! Looking forward to...

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