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  1. Smokey

    Free Host or Paid host ?

    I always go paid. Free, you typically get what you pay for IMO.
  2. Smokey

    Are social media taking over messaging Boards?

    I think there will always be a userbase for a traditional forum. Not everyone likes Twitter or facebook, but wants a more trusted source with their data. (I know that's laughable to say but it's true)
  3. Smokey

    What's your relationship status ?

    In a relationship, have been for......we're coming up on 6 years now :)
  4. Smokey

    How do you gain members?

    We've implemented a couple of more social-networky features to the forums and it's gained some members. Pretty neat actually. I tend to advertise on Twitter and anywhere else I can remember to do so, and good SEO helps!
  5. Smokey

    Compilation of Webmaster Links

    Can add Hawkhost to the list of hosts :)
  6. Smokey

    Hello from Canada eh?

    Oh herro canadians! :P Sorry, always wanted to say that :P Welcome to Forum Authority! :)
  7. Smokey

    Community Chat Thread

    Hey folks! Forum Authority is looking real good on Xenforo! Congrats on the move! :)
  8. Smokey

    Forum Software

    Xenforo gets my vote. :)
  9. Smokey

    Surface Pro 4

    Anyone have one? I do. I use it for some graphic design and some sketches for various projects and stuff. I also use it as a on-the-go type of laptop as I don't really want to be lugging around my nearly $2,000 gaming laptop everywhere. The 12.3" surface pro 4 with 4GB ram and 128GB SSD suites...
  10. Smokey

    Infinite Warfare or Modern Warfare Remastered?

    Which game will you be playing more of this November? For me, It's gonna be an even mix of the two. That is, if IW is absolutely horrible. However, from what I've seen, I'm excited for it and think it'll actually be quite good. It looks like Black Ops 3.5 which is a good thing IMHO as I loved...
  11. Smokey

    What's your setup?

    MSI GE72-6QD Apache Pro-029 Specs: 16GB DDR4 RAM @ 1600mhz Intel i7 4700HQ processor @ 2.6ghz 1TB HDD 7200RPM + 256gb SSD Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M @ 2GB Steelseries keyboard (fully customizable backlit) Razer Naga wired gaming mouse.
  12. Smokey

    Favourite Upcoming Game?!

    Looking forward to Infinite Warfare + MWR, also really excited for Battlefield 1 next week. :)
  13. Smokey


    Anyone a fan of Overwatch? I'm trying to get into this game but don't have enough time to sit down and dedicate to it. It also doesn't help that none of my friends play it so i'm stuck playing with randoms.   What are your thoughts on Overwatch? Do you enjoy it?
  14. Smokey

    Hey there

    Hey all. I'm new here. :)  you can call me Smokey. I'm 26 from NYC.  I'm into gaming, technology and web design.   If you'd like to know more just ask. Hope to meet some new people here and enjoy my stay.

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