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  1. __James__

    Admin Ads closes down.

    "AdminAds has aged, became slow and we are being limited by our host about what we can do with the site. As such we have decided to close AdminAds" They mean they're not motivated enough to run it anymore pretty much.
  2. __James__

    Movies you come back to.

    Law abiding citizen is my thing xd
  3. __James__

    [Petition] Protect your right to privacy on Windows 10!

    While i totally condone this you i got to be honest here, most people just don't care and rightfully so, most of these guys are totally incapable of installing any linux distro much less use one with no goodies unlike windows..
  4. __James__

    Deep web journey?

    i dont understand why people get all exciting about it lol
  5. __James__

    Best OS you ever used?

    Work CentOS Home Ubuntu :D
  6. __James__

    What do you like to see in a forum?

    [No message]
  7. __James__

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Guide

    Great stuff Silent. Just to add to this. Guys always use campaign parameters, always! You got to track every single click. Don't do anything blindly.
  8. __James__

    Current mood?

    When you get in stuck in failuire loop trying to install driver in CentOS.. that's how I'm feeling right now quite franky. Oh and how can I forget my head feels like it's being hit by hammer. But all that aside it's all good so feeling great :D

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