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  1. ArcticWolf

    The wolf is back

    Had a very busy gaming life. Had a trip to to hospital to remove a tail nail with the morphine not only did they do my toe nail it wiped my mind too forgot everything. Never again do it for pain reilf or anything .
  2. ArcticWolf

    My youtube videos /streams

    [video=youtube] More to come soon.
  3. ArcticWolf

    Wild west online

  4. ArcticWolf

    Current cyber attack

    [No message]
  5. ArcticWolf

    Secret World Legends free to play

    Whos is going to play the Secret World
  6. ArcticWolf

    Thinking about buying this joystick But what games would it go with ?
  7. ArcticWolf

    OBS encoding overloaded

    Anyone know to to fix OBS encoding overloaded ?
  8. ArcticWolf


    AUTOMOBILISTA places you in the driving seat of an advanced racing simulator, featuring elite brazilian racing series along with a wide range of racing vehicles and international tracks for a uniquely diverse motorsports experience.
  9. ArcticWolf

    Friendly reminder about our forum rules

    Please Read Participation at Forum Authority constitutes agreement to the following guidelines, which apply to posts, profile information, avatars, signatures, any other content on this site and participation in general. This includes private messages, which we have the ability to read...
  10. ArcticWolf

    How will you celebrate new year?

    How will you celebrate new year? I am going to a friends house.
  11. ArcticWolf

    100 posts

    Since joining i have now made 100 posts.
  12. ArcticWolf

    Anyone watch traffic cops and police interceptors ?

    Does anyone watch traffic cops and police interceptors ?
  13. ArcticWolf

    What games do you currently play on pc?

    [No message]
  14. ArcticWolf

    Police 1013

    Has anyone ever heard of police 1013? It's a new upcoming realistic police simulator.
  15. ArcticWolf

    Hello all

    Hello all 26 years old here form the uk england and i just love forums.

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