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    Hello / Good Thread

    Hello Everyone The purpose of this Thread is to come and say Hi and when you heading off the forums / to bed reply here The purpose of this thread is to mix and mingle and say Hi and Hello while having fun ... Let Me Start Hello All I am Browsing the forum while listening to some music...
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    What do you Prefer Android or IOS?

    Hi When it comes to Cellphones What do you prefer do you prefer Android or IOS Cellphones? I prefer Android why it is open easy to make apps, you can customize it to what you want However I like the security apple has that is excellent compared to Android
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    Hi Everyone For most people There Console would be one of the newest ones Well however for me I Have PS2 and still play it to this day , I know there are no new games but however I have a good collection & when I find a game in a 2nd hand store or online that I like I buy it and play the game...
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    My Secert

    Hi Everyone I thought to share a secret with you all I have Mild Autism I was Diagnosed when I left school After Struggling at the polytech doing a course What is your Secret feel free to share :)
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    Hello From NZ

    Hello My Name is Thomas :) I am 24 years old from Christchurch , New Zealand I am a active member on forums from around the world My Hobbies include , Computers, Technology , Amateur Radio etc I look forward to being part of this active community and having fun Thomas

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