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  1. GunsnRoses

    What do you do to keep the community happy?

    Unfortunately for webmasters, there comes times where we have to face when someone doesn't like another member or someone is breaking the rules etc, what's everyone's force of action when it comes to being fair and keeping everything sensible Do you have rules in place, a warning system, no...
  2. GunsnRoses

    Which will you betting this year (console)

    As we all know the Xbox One X and the PlayStation 5 has been announced and will be releasing this year, I was just wondering what would everyone be getting? For myself as a fan of the Halo games, gears and a lot of other Xbox titles I'm going to go with the X
  3. GunsnRoses

    Too scary as a child?

    What's one movie that you watched as a child that was incredibly scary to you back then or could still be scary to you still to this day Mines would have been ring, alot of people thought the actual movie was cursed
  4. GunsnRoses

    Favourite restaurant?

    I thought the forums were lacking a bit of threads, so I decided to create some...anyways what is your favourite restaurant? Not fast food Mines would be either coast to coast, tgif or nando
  5. GunsnRoses


    Hi guys, my name is Guns and Roses, but just call me GNR for short. I hope you are all doing very well and I want to just say the site looks really good! I'm hoping to be quite active, so I will see you all around.

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