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  1. MaxBill

    Community Chat Thread

    hey all, How are you?
  2. MaxBill

    Your favorite Cakes?

    ButterScotch Cake.. yum yum yum
  3. MaxBill


    Hi Melisa, Welcome to forumauthority.
  4. MaxBill

    Community Chat Thread

    GoodNight all.
  5. MaxBill

    Community Chat Thread

    Monday morning and my shift started.
  6. MaxBill

    What's your relationship status ?

    Still Single.
  7. MaxBill

    Forum Awards

    Award: 5-year member Proof of eligibility: Just a few more days, I will hit 5year.
  8. MaxBill

    List Of Your 10 Favorite Movies

    Starwars Old series. John wick Lord of the rings. Avengers. Batman Rocky. Deadpool Spiderman The Shawshank redemption The god father.
  9. MaxBill

    Next Thing You’re Saving For?

    I am saving money for my new car.
  10. MaxBill

    Favorite Pizza Place?

    Pizza Pizza for me
  11. MaxBill

    Glad to be here!

    Hi, welcome to Forum Authority. How are you?
  12. MaxBill

    Internet Speed Test

    Right now, I use rogers and the speed is perfect but i need light speed.
  13. MaxBill

    What phone do you currently have?

    I have Oneplus 6T and Oneplus 7T
  14. MaxBill

    Internet Speed Test

    I am planning to switch to Bell.
  15. MaxBill

    Forum Software

    Do you have a forum? Xenforo for paid and Mybb for Free
  16. MaxBill

    What do you Prefer Android or IOS?

    Android is everything for me.
  17. MaxBill

    Current mood?

    I went for an evening walk and feeling happy.
  18. MaxBill

    What do you do to keep the community happy?

    Greeting new members, showing them how things work. Moderating site 24/7. Asking for members opinions and feedback. Friendly staff and co-workers. Member achievement and award system.
  19. MaxBill

    Phone games.

    I play a lot of games like State of survival, pot farm, The Simpsons and more
  20. MaxBill

    Non-smartphone mobile devices

    I don't have any other device rather than a smartphone.

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