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  1. MaxBill

    Ideas on investing?

    What are your ideas on investing.
  2. MaxBill

    Time Machine

    If you have a time machine and granted a one-time chance to change something in the past what will that be?
  3. MaxBill

    Are social media taking over messaging Boards?

    [No message]
  4. MaxBill

    Tell me a fact about you?

    I am addicted to Dark Coffee <3
  5. MaxBill

    $1 Million Winner

    If you won $1 million tomorrow, what would you do with it?
  6. MaxBill

    MaxBill Photography

    Just Started :D [img=800x600] [img=800x600]
  7. MaxBill

    Foldable phones are here

    [/URL] Foldable Phones are here. Are you planning to buy the expensive foldable phone?
  8. MaxBill

    What happened to FA

    What happened to the forum. There is no active members and so many other things.
  9. MaxBill

    Members Referred?

    50 members referred me. That's awesome :P How many referrals do you have?
  10. MaxBill

    My new youtube channel

    [No message]
  11. MaxBill

    Quitting from the forum

    [No message]
  12. MaxBill

    Birthday Gift

    Hey I need a suggestion. My brother birthday is coming soon , so i need to gift him some tech gadgets. I have a budget of $100. can you suggest something????
  13. MaxBill

    How is your life?

    [No message]
  14. MaxBill


    delete this thread
  15. MaxBill

    I need a Avatar and get credits

    [No message]
  16. MaxBill

    Do you sell your photos ?

    [No message]
  17. MaxBill

    How often do you take photos ?

    I take photos daily as i love it. I use my smartphone to take pics.
  18. MaxBill

    Do you review a movie before watching it ?

    I check IMDb before watching a movie and this helps me whether to watch the movie or not
  19. MaxBill

    Movie You're Watching Tonight ?

    I am gonna watch DeadPool again.
  20. MaxBill

    What type of personality are you seeking in your partner ?

    Well i need a woman with a good character, caring, trusty ..

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