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    4 year old falls into gorilla enclosure, gorilla killed.

    [No message]
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    Simon Birch

    Great movie, I won't spoil it but if you're looking to cry someday I do recommend it.
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    I am now apart of the staff team.

    Hello everyone, I am glad to announce that I will be joining the Forum Authority staff team. I have big plans for this site and wish to accomplish them to the best of my abilities. If you do need help, feel free to PM me as I will be online most of the time unless I am elsewhere.
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    Flame seat

    I guess its cool if i do this so here we go im not answering toxic questions. Basic ****: Age: 19 Birth date: April 6 1997 Name: Chris Favorite game: league of legends Coding experience: javascript html and css Okay shoot your questions
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    My views on religion

    Agnostic Atheism (please add a philosophy category.)
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    League of Legends

    Someone hit me up to play League, I am lvl 30 unranked. Last Hitting is the name
  7. seed

    Hello there.

    Well, to start this off I wish to be active on here, and if I lose interest, well whatever. This place seems chill so chances are I will stay. Anyways, at a first glimpse I can see the site looks really clean, however the SCEditor looks eh, I love the logo and the general name. The banner...

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