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    What's your favorite sport?

    My favorite sport is cricket.
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    Soul-stirring Music?

    Hello Naiwen, Listen collection of beautiful soul touching music
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    MaxBill Photography

    Hello Maxbill, Nice Photography and views of a tree.
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    Did any of you guys watch Avatar: The Last Air Bender

    Yes, I watched it's extraordinary movie. In this movie, Benders have the ability to control and manipulate the element from their nation.
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    Favorite genre?

    Good. But I like to listen Pop Music.
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    what's the first smart phone you ever used?

    Micromax Canvas A99 Express was my first smartphone.
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    Instrumental Music!

    I like to listen to Instrumental songs. This is my favorite:
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    Do you watch Wrestling?

    Yes, I am watching Wrestling. John Cena is my favorites WWE Superstar.
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    Your favourite/least favourite Singer?

    My Favourite singer is Ariana Grande. She is superb and so talented.
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    British bands or artists

    Hello, The Clash (Rock Band) is my all-time favorite band.
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    81 year old man uses a guitar

    He is really doing well at this age.
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    Time period of music.

    Yes, I am the biggest fan of 80s music. I love it.
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    Workout songs?

    “Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)” song is my favorite to workout.
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    Infinite Looper is the greatest!

    I think it is a music app.
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    Favourite decade of music.

    Waka Waka of Shakira is my favorite song of this decade.
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    Lady Gaga vs Justing Bieber?

    Justin Bieber is a much better singer than Lady gaga.
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    Singing to yourself?

    I also like to sing songs and interested to listen to the songs of others.
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    Song that is stuck in your head?

    "Whenever, Wherever" song by Shakira is stuck in my mind.
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    Do you listen to music from your country?

    I listen to the songs of Michael Jackson.
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    What's a musical instrument you'd like to learn how to play?

    Hello Marsh, I would like to learn "Washboard".

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