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  1. Sir Twisted

    Community Chat Thread

    Only one more day of work for me and I'm off for the rest of the week ahead!
  2. Sir Twisted

    Community Chat Thread

    Ello folks. How is everyone keeping.
  3. Sir Twisted

    Community Chat Thread

    Howdy folks.
  4. Sir Twisted

    Your favorite Sweets?

    Oh I do love squashies and skittles. Especially the sour ones!
  5. Sir Twisted

    Hope all is well.

    Hope all is well.
  6. Sir Twisted

    Your favorite Coffees?

    To be honest I've not really tried another coffee, other than just regular black coffee.
  7. Sir Twisted


    Hi there welcome to the community, if you need any help, then please do get in touch with myself or another staff member. I do hope you enjoy your time here.
  8. Sir Twisted

    Your favorite Cakes?

    I do love myself a pineapple upside down cake. Enough to call it my favourite.
  9. Sir Twisted

    Community Chat Thread

    Ello folks. I hope everyone is keeping well.
  10. Sir Twisted

    Community Referral Contest

    Nobody had won. Unfortunately we've not had the time to give an update on this. Do expect one shortly. It will be reintroduced.
  11. Sir Twisted

    Community Referral Contest

    Unfortunately I'm in a hectic process of moving house again..but I'm going to be more active very shortly.
  12. Sir Twisted

    Community Chat Thread

    Hey folks. Hoping to be active once again very shortly. In transition of moving.. Again.
  13. Sir Twisted

    Copy And Paste Game

    Hello. I reviewed the listing again this time with my partner
  14. Sir Twisted

    Last ate.

    Just some soup last night.
  15. Sir Twisted

    Last watched online?

    I last watched the interview last night, it honestly is such a funny film.
  16. Sir Twisted

    Next Thing You’re Saving For?

    I'm looking to save to pay of some finance, get a new gaming setup whether It be pc or the new xbox.
  17. Sir Twisted

    70/80/90s or Today's music?

    What's your favourite 80s tunes?
  18. Sir Twisted


    The mist has been engolfing the skies as of the last few days.
  19. Sir Twisted

    Current mood?

    Energetic and eager.
  20. Sir Twisted

    Last listened to?

    I last listened to a message to you rudy by the specials.

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