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    Do you enjoy more being single or in a Relationship?

    Single, you cannot trust these hoes.
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    4 year old falls into gorilla enclosure, gorilla killed.

    It does, basically moral of the story.
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    4 year old falls into gorilla enclosure, gorilla killed.

    [No message]
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    Last bought?

    A lighter.
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    Cellphone can't charge!

    You could try and fix it yourself, but I guess that isn't an option. Your best bet is taking it to a repair shop as @SirTwisted said
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    Favorite PC game?

    league of legends
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    How Popular is Firewatch?

    Could've tripled that if they sold for 60 dollars. But 10 million is 10 million
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    Simon Birch

    Great movie, I won't spoil it but if you're looking to cry someday I do recommend it.
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    Death Note thoughts?

    Well, I finished Death Note awhile back while my computer was getting fixed, it was a great show and I highly enjoyed the plot up to when Light stopped being Kira, it kinda fell down from there for me. What do you enjoy most about Death Note?
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    Thoughts on Windows 10?

    I would like to hear some of your opinions on Windows' latest operating system. What do you adore the most about it or what do you dislike about it, or list both! My opinion:
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    I am now apart of the staff team.

    Hello everyone, I am glad to announce that I will be joining the Forum Authority staff team. I have big plans for this site and wish to accomplish them to the best of my abilities. If you do need help, feel free to PM me as I will be online most of the time unless I am elsewhere.
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    What's wrong with this world!?

    Well, not that it affects me in my daily life but in general idiocy annoys me
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    Flame seat

    Can't think of one.
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    Marsh Designs | Designs for sale

    I look forward to working with you in the foreseeable future. Great designs.
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    {Rate / CC} Skype UI Redesign

    Looks insanely clean, great job.
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    Young Man Breaks 16th Century Statue While Taking a Selfie

    As I studied Portugese history in high school I know that Sebastian was a great ruler and did help Portugese in his short serving. He is a very iconic figure of Portugese culture. It is sad to see this happen
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    Flame seat

    [No message]

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