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  1. HungryEgo

    Community Chat Thread

    TGIF, Had a lovely week off on vacation and don't have to go back to work until Tuesday. Having family time tomorrow and getting ready for my site's big event next weekend (woot woot!). Stay safe everyone!
  2. HungryEgo

    Community Chat Thread

    Friday is finally here! Does anyone else feel like this was an incredibly long week?
  3. HungryEgo

    Community Referral Contest

    I see
  4. HungryEgo

    Community Referral Contest

    I that's a no then? lol.
  5. HungryEgo

    Community Referral Contest

    So...did anyone win this? Can I nominate someone who "referred me"? Haven't even seen staff online in forever :(
  6. HungryEgo

    Community Chat Thread

    There can only one one Hungry, and that is me!
  7. HungryEgo

    Community Chat Thread

    Just dropping in to say Hi and see what's good and new with everyone! :D
  8. HungryEgo

    Community Chat Thread

    Hello... *Crickets*
  9. HungryEgo

    Community Chat Thread

    It seems like Naiwen has been owning this thread lol
  10. HungryEgo

    Forum Software

    Does Forumotion count?
  11. HungryEgo

    Last post wins!

    I disagree.
  12. HungryEgo

    Forum Software

    The last forum software that I actively used was vBulletin 👀
  13. HungryEgo

    Community Chat Thread

    Hello 👋
  14. HungryEgo

    Smoothies or Shakes?

    Smoothies all the way!
  15. HungryEgo

    Online Banking?

    My parents and I use online banking religiously. I think the last time I actually stepped foot into a branch was 2 years ago when I was resigning my mortgage contract.
  16. HungryEgo

    How did you find us?

    Maybe :p
  17. HungryEgo

    Post a picture of your whereabouts.

    It’s starting to rain :(
  18. HungryEgo

    Ultimate Dad Jokes thread

    KID: "Hey, I was thinking…" DAD: "I thought I smelled something burning.”
  19. HungryEgo

    Errors or issues on site

    I noticed the edit button disappears after a while. Seems like you only have a small window to go in and edit posts. After that, you can’t change them :(
  20. HungryEgo

    Internet Speed Test

    I despise Rogers 😡

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