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    Still using windows 7?

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    Blog vs Forum

    I personally love forums, but lately I kind of started to like blogs due to better chance in getting SEO. But since forums requires less work in terms of posting and getting discussion going, I prefer it over blog. How about you what do you prefer forum or blog?
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    Sharon here!

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    Which 2016 game are you looking forward too?

    Without a doubt Fifa 16, although it will release before the end of the year but still Fifa 2016 is the only game I'm waiting for. I love Fifa and cannot think of buying or playing other games. I only hope that will allow us to buy players for less cash as it takes ages to make money while playing.
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    Prefered web browser?

    I always liked Firefox but not anymore. With firefox always asking for updating Flash players and using flash it causes lot of errors. And at times windows is so slow and internet hardly opens due to this flash issue. I know only use Google Chrome and none of those issues ever happened on this.
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    CortexNetworks - Introduction (Please Welcome Me)

    Hello, John welcome Forum Authority. Great to see an another new member, I hope you would have a great time here if you need any help just ask.
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    New Staff Member

    Congrats looking forward to what you will bring on the table for this forum.
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    How much time do you spend online daily?

    Well Right now I spend around 7 hours at the very minimum.
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    What's your favorite game?

    I love Fifa 15, cant wait for the new version.
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    Hello :)

    Hi welcome to FA
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    What YT video are you currently watching?

    I'm watching clips of Christinalo ronaldo at Manchester United, brining back the memories.
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    Count to 1000!

    72 next is sir!

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