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    FPSs vs 3rd Person Shooters?

    Definitely FPS, I find 'em more immersive and usually the controls come more intuitively to me
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    Swearing in Public?

    Words are only words. Use them freely. Profanity is a necessity no matter what the language or time period. If there weren't restrictions on certain words, they would lose some meaning in context. It is good to have "severe" words for the purpose of emphasis. But that emphasis would be useless...
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    Should this be allowed?

    [No message]
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    The worst/best free Host in your Eyes?

    [No message]
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    Friendly reminder about our forum rules

    Question about content regulation rule 5, what exactly constitutes posting copyrighted material? Just claiming it as our own, or posting it at all? Pretty much everything has copyright protection of some sort so
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    Night Forums has merged with Forum Authority!

    I understand and I don't blame you for losing interest, it happens to the best of us. I just wish we had had some advance notice and a bit more information about what would happen.
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    Acrylic or Watercolor?

    Generally I prefer using acrylic, as I feel it is more precise and easier to control, in addition to generally allowing for bolder colors. However watercolor paintings can look a lot better IMO even if they are not as easy to actually use.
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    Yeah, the changes to the new theme are too much for me, currently using the old one. I like the new one but the lack of different images for new/old post icons isn't working. Other than that nothing has really happened. Christmas, I guess.
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    The best tattoo is one that looks good on wrinkled skin. I don't have any tattoos at the moment but I'd consider getting one on my left forearm and wrist. That's the only part of my body I'd consider getting tattooed. I don't have any solid ideas for it but I also have no plans to get tattoos...
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    What did you all get for Christmas?

    You know Steam accounts are free, right? Did you get a gift card or did someone just collect a bunch of evaporating water and give it to you
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    What did you all get for Christmas?

    $20, a 3DS, Pokémon Sun, and a 1070 graphics card.
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    What was the first game you ever played on Xbox?

    Guitar Hero 3--the reason I bought an Xbox at all. Didn't have the proper setup to play it on PC, otherwise would've done that.
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    What game did you just get?

    Downloaded Team Fortress 2 recently, and just got Pokémon Sun as a Christmas present.
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    How to Get Free Steam Keys!

    Did you look at the links in the OP? Try getting one from there. If it doesn't work, you aren't wasting money, so there isn't anything to lose.
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    Junk Food

    Yeesh, doing that would pretty much cause vending machines as they are to go extinct.
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    How to Get Free Steam Keys!

    Steam keys are a string of numbers that you can use to unlock a game on Steam and add it to your library. If you redeem a valid key then you own the game just as if you'd bought it yourself.
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    Official NightForums Default Avatar/Logo

    The original default avatar, before it was updated to yours.
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    How to Get Free Steam Keys!

    Thanks man, I never say no to free stuff.
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    Official NightForums Default Avatar/Logo

    Someone mind posting the original here? Would love to be able to compare them side by side.

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