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  1. zoldos

    Your ideal World?

    A world without humans. Or at least leave only the small percentage that don't destroy the Earth and not care.
  2. zoldos

    Social Networking and more: :)

    Social Networking and more: :)
  3. zoldos

    Favourite horror ?

    Anything from the Hellraiser series. :)
  4. zoldos

    I hate Rap!

    As with all genres of music, each has good and bad artists. Personally, I like Ice Cube, Run DMC, Cypress Hill and a few others.
  5. zoldos

    Free Host or Paid host ?

    hehe Your post sounds like an ad. lol
  6. zoldos

    How do you like your Meats?

    I like my meats cooked. hehehe
  7. zoldos

    Last Game You Bought?

    That game looks wicked. The last game I bought was "House Flipper" for my g/f's birthday. :D
  8. zoldos

    Free Host or Paid host ?

    Anyway, paid hosting is the best. Many starter hosts are cheap. The only "free" hosting I ever really used was a friend's basement 56k modem in 1997. lol
  9. zoldos

    New forum up: Check it out!! :D

    New forum up: Check it out!! :D
  10. zoldos

    Free Host or Paid host ?

    Sir Twisted What happened to my post?
  11. zoldos

    Relationships are stressful!

    Clearly you haven't been with the correct person. When you find the right person, it's amazing. But you view everyone as objects, so I guess you just aren't capable of a real relationship. :(
  12. zoldos

    Copy And Paste Game

  13. zoldos

    The beast! hehe

    The beast! hehe
  14. zoldos

    Passed driving test?

    I never took behind the wheel. I was already 23 when I learned to drive. Got my learner's permit and my parents and brother showed me. :D
  15. zoldos

    COD Black Ops 4

    I like it too. Very fast action. The maps are a bit small though, and I haven't yet purchased the DLC.
  16. zoldos

    What type of person are you?

    @Sir Twisted What happened here?
  17. zoldos

    What type of person are you?

    I'm an em-path.
  18. zoldos

    what computer game(s) are you currently playing?

    [No message]
  19. zoldos

    Blogs or Forums?

    Yes agreed.
  20. zoldos

    What's your relationship status ?

    Thanks! :)

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