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  1. Cameron

    Community Chat Thread

    I've never played Solitaire, I haven't done much today apart from chilling out listening to music.
  2. Cameron


    Heyya, welcome to forumauthority, haven't been on it in a while but I'm glad new users are joining.
  3. Cameron

    Forum Authority V.2 Theme.

    I would love to do some beta testing on the new theme.
  4. Cameron

    Blogs or Forums?

    I've always preferred forums.
  5. Cameron

    Canned Candy

    Never heard of this magical food before.
  6. Cameron

    Alpha Stigma AMV

    [video=youtube] An AMV I made.
  7. Cameron

    Hey, I'm back!

    Thank you. :d
  8. Cameron

    Anyone watching The Rising of the Shield Hero?

    Yeah, I would recommend it.
  9. Cameron

    Anyone watching The Rising of the Shield Hero?

    [No message]
  10. Cameron


    Hello Jolene, glad to see you here.
  11. Cameron

    Hello everyone!!

    That's good to hear, welcome back :)
  12. Cameron

    Hi again guys!

    Welcome back Naiwen! :)
  13. Cameron


    Hey! I'm in the same boat as you.
  14. Cameron

    Did any of you guys watch Avatar: The Last Air Bender

    I've never watched the anime of it but I have watched the film of it.
  15. Cameron

    Read or watch anime/manga?

    I prefer to watch anime then read it but I do like manga.
  16. Cameron

    When did you become of fan?

    I've been a fan since 2017 but I've binge-watched so many anime that I've seen as much as someone who started it ages ago.
  17. Cameron

    Acquire manga?

    I usually purchase it from waterstones.
  18. Cameron

    If you got stuck in an Anime..

    [No message]
  19. Cameron

    Favorite Anime?

    I love the anime No Game No Life
  20. Cameron

    Hey, I'm back!

    Hey, Just like many others, I received an email from you, and I forgot I signed up to this forum in 2016 so anyway, its great to see you all. :)

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