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    Wasn't sure if this belonged here or in Computer Gaming, but it's multi-console, so. BioShock! My favorite series at the moment. I ran through 1 and 2 on Xbox360, one after the other, and after a couple months of waiting I've managed to get my hands on Infinite for PC just earlier today. Really...
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    What game did you just get?

    For if you have gotten any game, be it a recent or old release, and want to talk about it. I am very, very behind on everything, so it's with a little embarrassment that I say I just got Animal Crossing and Portal. I swear I'll get to more modern stuff eventually
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    I have no redeemable qualities AMA

    come as you are and ask what you want
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    Best paid website hosts?

    Should be self-explanatory. Looking for best customer support, loose content policy, most space & databases, easy exports, cheapest, etc.
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    Your goals & projects as an artist

    So, you--you people who make graphics, or draw, or write, or sing--what are you hoping to accomplish, art-wise? Working towards a career, or staying a hobbyist? Any skills you would like to improve? What steps are you taking to get there? Whatcha workin on?
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    Pixel, sketch, lineart commissions

    So, I draw. And I like money. Commissions should work out well for that. All of my commission info can be found here, but for those of you who hate clicking links, I'll copy the important stuff over here too. (Please do check that though, as it has more examples and more detailed info about...
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    Welcome me.

    Hello, all. I am Gooze. I hail from the clear side of the web and heil the light side. I'm here in search of a new forum since my home board fell into the cruel grasp of a tyrannical dictator. For months I fought, side by side with those who loved the little community as dearly as I, and...

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