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  1. Lämmchen

    Your favourite/least favourite Singer?

    Least Fav: Rihanna! Her voice irritates my ears so much that I want to scream. She sounds better now that they use auto tune on her but still, I really cannot listen to her music.
  2. Lämmchen

    If you could change one thing.

    Hmmm there are a lot of things I'd like to change. I interrupt a lot and I'd love to stop doing that.
  3. Lämmchen

    Favorite Milk Flavours?

    Have you tried orange milk? The local dairy has it where I live along with some other flavors.
  4. Lämmchen

    What type of person are you?

    I'm kind, intelligent, artistic and fair.
  5. Lämmchen

    A drama-free Relationship, is it possible?

    There's always going to be some differences in opinions, taste, culture, beliefs that will interfere in any relationship. What's important is how well you can tolerate each other with those things. Plus how are you at voicing your differences to that person...are you loud and obnoxious or do you...
  6. Lämmchen

    Online Banking?

    Do you use online banking? What about your parents? I'm asking because a friend of mine is a banker and is struggling with social distancing during this period even though the banks are mainly closed in the lobbies except by appointment. He's been upset that some of the people my age (50...
  7. Lämmchen

    Glad to be here!

    First off let me say that I love the little previews before having to hover or click on a post here! That's some great stuff there. I'm Kathy and I run a Christian forum. I love visiting other sites so you might see me around here and there.

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