Maintenance update: 16-03-16
Greetings Authoritarians, here is a list of our recent maintenance. 
Update log #001

Core Updates
  • Updated Mybb to 1.8.7 - Bringing a range of security updates and general fixes (Mybb thread)
  • Optomized database for faster speeds and reduction of errors.
  • Updated backend plugins.

General Fixes
  • Resolved broken avatars as a result of outdated JS.
  • Fixed bugs in the theme and editor.

New Features
  • New editor for posts, allowing for greater responsiveness.
  • Improved auto-save functionality.
  • New forums for music and entertainment.
  • Staff: Improved monitoring (Speak to Katos for more info)

Look and Feel
  • Updated theme for better responsiveness and improved handling across devices, browsers and operating systems.
  • Resolved the parsing of images to ensure they display correctly.
  • Resolved the video parsing.
  • Updated Favicon working on all platforms 
  • Coming soon: fixed lists (@Suraf | @Gamevify)
  • coming soon: updated canned messages to modernize the forum.

Security Updates
  • Updated to latest core to implement security updates.
  • Updated security proxy to protect data.
  • Improved tamper-proof through backend systems.
  • Implementation of CDN.
  • Implementation of password restrictions.
  • Updated black list
  • more to follow.

Application Updates
  • Updated AJAX behind the shoutbox to stop resource waste.
  • Updated plugins in the backend.
  • Updated upgrades and donation pages.
  • Updated third party integration.
  • Implemented social pages. (coming soon: Share to your social page)

It has been bought to our attention that unfortunately, some sites have ripped our theme. We are working hard to keep updated on these forums and to keep ahead of our competitors. To see people totally neglecting our hard work and dedication to just steal our work is very disheartening. We implore you not to download this content as it goes totally against our terms and hard work. We will be working to implement features that will reduce the risk of this re-occuring. We hope that this wont have any knock-on effects for our members, but please be warned this would be an experimental system and as such, may have some knock on effects. 

Thanks to:
@Gamevify - Bug reports
@Suraf - Bug reports and making me check the awards! 
@Sir Twisted - Theme updates and general bug fixing
@Naiwen - Threw a thanks to you anyway for your superb moderation and general help! Things would be difficult without you, so we appreciate the help! 
All of our members: 
You guys make this all possible, and we are eternally grateful. Thanks for your help, thanks for posting, thanks for "liking" our threads. You keep us going with the forums, and you make it all worthwhile. Thanks for your help!
"I'm a gamer, not because I don't have a life... But because I choose to have many"

Such a beautiful thread! *Bows* @katos :)

If you require assistance don't hesitate to send me a direct message, alternatively, contact a member of staff or refer to our custom help documents. 

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