Oculus Rift is Launching!
Oculus Rift becomes the first of the three major VR headsets launching this year to get into consumers’ hands. It’ll be followed soon after by the HTC Vive, which begins shipping in early April, and PlayStation VR this fall.

Oculus’s CEO Brendan Iribe tweeted  the following picture:
“The first Oculus Rift has shipped, deliveries begin Monday 3.28.2016.”
[Image: 3026963-oculus.jpg]

Preorders for the $600 consumer version of the Rift started being accepted in January and quickly sold out. A Rift ordered from Oculus today carries an expected ship date of July 2016.

Provided by GameVify.

Wow that's awesome news! I might pick up one later down the line :) thank you for sharing @gamevify
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I am NOT a robot or am I?

Rather ridiculously priced at the moment, but I do like how quick the development of games and apps have been, and the clear improvements that have been made. I think this could be an exciting period of change and I look forward to seeing where it heads.

As someone looking forward to star citizen, I'd love to have my ship powered by VR and having a headset that allows me to look around space etc, which I can then control with a joystick.

The posibilities are endless, and this excites me. I will absolutely be keeping an eye on this! Thanks @gamevify
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