The WWE Thread
A Daniel Bryan - Deano fan here, common WWE fans!

Just heard of the passing away of WWE Legend: Dusty Rhodes :(

I never got into WWE. Too much sweating!

Vanilla Wrote:I never got into WWE. Too much sweating!

Well, when you get into it, it is quite entertaining!

I have never really watched WWE, I had watched TNA when i was younger, and sting was my personal favorite wrestler.

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WWE is not for me, don't like wrestling at all.
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I don't get why people like to watch it.

I don't even watch it on TV. Just follow the results. It's too Vince-y right now. And 3 hours of that same old crap is agonizing.

My favorite wrestler of all time is Andre the Giant but if I have to pick someone off the current roster then I'd have to go with Undertaker. 

I use to watch wrestling all the time but I haven't been watching it recently.

My favorite wrestlers are Goldberg and Brock Lesnar!  I've been watching this stuff since the early 80's.  :D
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I'm a huge WWE fan. My favorite era has to be the Attitude Era. The wrestlers were a lot better back then and they were fighting for more than money, they wanted to entertain the crowd. Impress people, the competition were a lot higher and now it's terrible because they only fight for the money. My favorite wrestlers are The Rock and Stone Cold.

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