Favorite TV show?
What's your favorite TV show? 

I have multiple favorite TV show's which is: 
  • Pawn Stars
  • Mantracker
  • American Restoration
  • Storage Wars
  • American Pickers

Currently, my favorite TV show is The Simpsons. I find it really entertaining to watch.

At the moment, my favorite TV Show is The Simpsons because it is really entertaining to watch.

I don't really have a favorite TV Show.

Though, The Walking Dead is quite cool!

pawn stars
counting cars
milliondollar listing new york
ghost hunters
alaskan bush people
sons of winter
the walking dead
street outlaws

The Walking dead, amazing show. Covered up all seasons in a month

Currently watching,

Breaking Bad - season 2

American horror - season 1

Vikings - season 3

Storage wars is a cool show tbh

Friends hands down for me.

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