How much time do you spend online daily?
How much time do you spend online daily? I'm online the whole day long, because I have an occupation online.

I spend most of my time online. I take breaks and I do things with people in my life. After that, about 6 hours.

it varies. depending on my mood, i can be online for 11 hours lol..other times, only 2 hours.

Well Right now I spend around 7 hours at the very minimum.

well recently i have been busy, but i am usually on for 8+ hours.
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I am NOT a robot or am I?

No idea.

But when I get my laptop, a lot.
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i will stay online for 6-8 hours on weekdays and during weekends it will be 15-20 hours
Better Than Before :D 

Only half an hour to moderate my boards and thats it.

Lol! To be honest, this is is one question my family asks me as well. I go online from when i wake up around 7am GMT and than I'm on and on and on till at least 3am. this is the sad part my whole life is internet nothing else. But hope it will change soon as I'm, starting working soon.

I spend a lot of time online during my day time. During night i only use it very less. Internet is my favorite time pass, i get to learn a lot of things on it.

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