‘The Skyline’ – A System of Aerial Glass Gondolas in Chicago
[Image: 32124-758x426.jpg]

Chicago is a huge international tourist destination. The city drew a record 50 million-plus domestic tourists last year and an estimated 1.4 million foreign visitors. And there’s plenty of room to grow. Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s goal: 55 million visitors by 2020.

Not long ago two local businessmen presented their strange and also interesting idea for a new tourist attraction called “The Skyline” – a system of aerial glass gondolas. The route, rich with views of the downtown cityscape, would extend from Navy Pier west, above the Chicago River, to Wolf Point, where the river splits into north and south branches.

Quote:“We believe the way forward is by showcasing Chicago as a city of neighborhoods and building projects that capture the mind and inspire the soul of both residents and visitors alike” – said Geller, chairman and CEO of Geller Capital Partners.

The aerial gondolas may or may not happen, of course. We can’t say whether funding materializes, whether vertical supports could be integrated into an already-crowded downtown, or whether people actually would clamor to ride in these ski-lift-like cable cars across Chicago.

Research and feasibility studies have been privately funded by Laurence Geller and Lou Raizin. They said that “The Skyline” would be a success if it took flight. Geller said it could attract about 1.4 million visitors a year to Chicago. He estimated it would cost $250 million to turn the idea into a reality.

Besides the gondolas, they also pitched a partnership with the Lyric Opera to simulcast an opera and light show. Despite Chicago’s tourism numbers being at an all-time high in 2015, Raizin and Geller believe the city needs to do more to attract visitors.

Wow, what a sight! I'd love to have such high gondolas in my city!

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